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I was born and raised in london before finally settling in Surrey with my husband John and our two cairn terriers.


I have always had a love for writing. Since I was a child my hobbies have included reading and history has always been my greatest passion linked with the desire to tell history not only objectively but to express it in a readable format that will hopefully bring history to a wider audience. 

A few years ago I was able to take the opportunity to finally fulfil my desire for deeper study and to begin writing books. I wrote my first book which was published in 2014: Looking back - A Century of Life in Bethnal Green,  in which I gradually created a social historical walk through time in the Bethnal Green area of the 19th and 20th centuries. I devoted a chapter to the Bethnal Green Tube disaster and the Stairway to Heaven Memorial Fund has been the charity to benefit from a percentage of net book sales.

I have now finished writing my new Book which is a history of the Huguenots. The book is is four parts: The beginnings of the Reformation and the religions wars; fleeing persecution and starting again; the many areas of life that have been enhanced by Huguenots and their descendants and finally Britain and France from the 19th Century to the year 2017 which marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

I am hoping this book will inspire others to seek out any possible Huguenot ancestry they may have and be proud of the impact and value these people gave not only to this country but also across the world.

I believe passionately in giving something back and with this in mind, a percentage of net sales will be donated to a designated Huguenot charity from this new book.

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