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SS Orita. Mid-Atlantic. 1904.

“Everything I had ever known was behind me.

I had only the vaguest idea about where I was going.

What if I had made an awful mistake?”


This is the true story of Beatrice, a midwife, and her newly-wedded husband, Mac, a recently qualified Evangelical missionary, who travel to Cuzco, a town in Peru, which has persecuted all the English missionaries who have gone before.  


Using their medical skills, their mission is to convert the native Indian population from the corruption and oppression of the Catholic Church which, since the fall of the Inca Empire in 1533, has crushed them into poverty and idolatry.


But life in Cuzco is hard; disease, destitution and alcohol claim many lives. Beatrice and her husband, Mac, face both fierce opposition and physical hardship, which tests their relationship to its limits.


In this fictional memoir, we follow Beatrice through both good times and bad, in a life-time of self-discovery.


‘Holding the Threads’ explores our sense of belonging and the connections we make with the past, the present, and future generations.


All profits from book sales will be donated

to the Breast Cancer Care charity.    Price: 6.99 plus pp




"I have just finished your book which I read in three sittings. The way you described Cuzco so vividly brought it all back to me … the knobbly potatoes, bright colours and sun washed houses." (LK)

"After reading the first couple of pages, that was it. I was hooked and finished it in two gulps, bother the housework. I loved it. What an amazing woman your grandmother was."(SM)

"Your descriptions of the people and the scenery were so vivid. I really got caught up with all the characters and I didn’t want it to end." (AS)


Alison Jesson

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