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Our unique House offers new authors the complete package of the following:

  • Initial scoping & estimating

  • Clarifying your objectives and establishing the best way to achieve them

  • we will always allow you complete control of the progression of your work

  • Proofreading

  • Editing - either light touch or more in-depth intervention

  • Advice on structure, format and presentation of book or article

  • Marketing including segmentation, targeting & positioning

  • Establishing focus groups to generate and review feedback

  • Promotion & Publicity Work tailored to your requirements

  • Cover Illustrations

  • ISBNs

  • Printing

  • online sales, packaging and dispatch

Full breakdown of costs for each service selected by you - keeping you, the author, in control of your work

Please go to our Contact page for initial equiries

What we offer

More detailed Services

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